Courtesy of ThinkMaverickThe Holiday ePublishing Boom this Black Friday

Our Black Friday Book Camp begins FRIDAY 
but there are three things I need you to do 
before class starts: 

Step 1 = Make a public declaration that you’re 
going to write your book this weekend! Tell your 
family and friends around the turkey table or 
better yet, announce it on Facebook or Twitter. 

Bottom line, announcing your intentions out loud 
will give you a boost of momentum and it will 
ensure you follow through with it which is the 
most important part! 

Step 2 = Download the free “How to Create Your 
First Kindle Book This Weekend
” by clicking the 
link below and then TAKE ACTION on what you 

I promise, you’ll be blown away by how quickly 
you can write your first book…but first you need 

Click here to download your FREE Workbook! 

Step 3 = Watch this video and learn about a 
very special opportunity to join our community! 

Click here to watch the video! 

Again, I wanted to welcome you to the Black 
Friday Book Camp and I look forward to reading 
your book by the end of this weekend! 

Talk soon, 

Winson ng

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